How to Become a Plumber in New Jersey

In order to become a professional plumber in New Jersey, you must be licensed by the state. Obtaining your plumbing license requires multiple steps, such as completing an apprenticeship program, passing exams, and filing formal paperwork. So where do you start?

Hands On Training and Coursework

If you’ve already earned a high school diploma, you are in a position to immediately enter a plumbing apprenticeship program. After four years in an apprenticeship program completing hands-on training with applicable coursework, you can promote to the level of journeyman plumber, which requires an additional year of field work. Then, once you’ve completed five years of experience and passed the New Jersey plumbing exam, you are eligible for licensing as a master plumber.

Vocational Plumbing Schools in N.J.

However, this is not the only option. In New Jersey, many high school level students choose to participate in Career and Technical Education through their location county vocational school district. Many of these ‘vo-techs’ have plumbing programs at the high school level. Entering such a program allows a high schooler to complete his or her apprenticeship program while earning a high school diploma, and thus, finishing four of the five years of required experience before ever leaving high school. Once graduated, the student would immediately move up to journeyman level for one year before becoming qualified to be a master plumber.

Bachelor Degree Can Prepare You

Still, there is another path to becoming a plumber in New Jersey. Graduating from an accredited school with a bachelor’s degree in plumbing, sanitary engineering, or mechanical engineering will adequately prepare you to become a plumber. After graduating, you are still required to complete a year of field experience as either an apprentice or journeyman plumber. Then, when ready, you would take the state plumbing exam and apply for a license.

So, whether you’re fourteen and considering a career in plumbing or twenty-five and looking to begin a new career, New Jersey has a path for you. Becoming a master plumber is a long and challenging process, which lets you rest assured that your New Jersey professional plumber is qualified for the job. Once you complete your education, contact our New Jersey Roto-Rooter office to seek employment.

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