Traffic Tickets Fines and Penalties in New Jersey

Traffic Ticket - Doh!We’ve all been there – or at least most of us – where we’ve seen blue lights in our rear-view mirror and lapsed into a Homer Simpson moment of “Doh!” The first thought we usually have is, “Please let me get away with a warning,” followed by “How much is this gonna cost me?”

In the State of New Jersey, traffic tickets or traffic citations will generally include the violation code number, as well as an explanation of how to respond to or pay the fine associated with the ticket. You must then decide whether to pay the fine or appear in court in response to your traffic citation.

The majority of traffic violations in New Jersey are considered “strict liability” violations, meaning the only evidence required to convict a driver is proof of committing the act, such as speeding, not paying parking meters, not using turn signals or illegally parking in a handicapped zone.

Traffic citations are also classified as moving or non-moving violations. Some moving violations include speeding, running a stop sign, driving without a seat-belt, and DWI. Non-moving traffic violations include driving without a valid registration, having expired plates, illegally parking in a handicapped zone, and leaving your vehicle unattended while it was running. The majority of traffic citation fines in New Jersey range from $26 to $730, depending on the severity of the traffic violation. More serious traffic violations carry even higher fines and the potential for incarceration.

Most people who receive a traffic citation simply pay the fines associated with the ticket and do not go to court; however, if you have questions regarding the accuracy of the citation or wish to avoid the consequences of a traffic citation, you’ll need to fight your traffic ticket in court by entering a ‘not guilty’ plea on your scheduled date of court. Hiring a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer to defend you in court is sometimes a good option. Paying the ticket outright without legally disputing the violation is the same as entering a guilty plea, the consequences of which can vary in severity, affecting not only your driving privileges, but your insurance premiums as well.

Your best bet to avoid traffic court altogether and higher insurance premiums is to simply drive cautiously from the beginning. Stay safe and be smart on the road – and avoid unwanted New Jersey traffic ticket fines and penalties. If you find yourself getting a citation and are serious about beating your charges, contact Bergen County Ticket Attorney today.

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