Will Google Glass Spark Personal Injury Claims?

Google Glass is the newest wearable tech device that allows users to view and interface via a small screen on a pair of glasses. Known as “face computers,” these Glass devices are a much-hyped roll-out for lovers of new technology. However, amid an increasing public outcry against distracted driving and an over-indulgence of social media, many are worried about potential accidents that could be caused by users of Google Glass.

The question that lawyers, lawmakers, and the general public are all voicing is whether or not Google Glass will trigger more accidents, and spark more personal injury claims.

In some states, laws were already drafted against the use of Google Glass before the devices were even made publicly available. West Virginia has proposed legislation that would ban the use of Google Glass while driving. Lawmakers argue that their moves to prevent texting while driving took so long to enact. Therefore, they are trying to make a preemptive move by adding Google Glass use as an amendment to those recently-passed distracted driving laws.

Other states are starting to take up the same initiative. However, Google is now placing its own power toward lobbying that would stop these proposed legislative limits on their new product. Google claims that use of Glass for things like GPS would be safer than on smartphones because Glass requires users to look up instead of glancing away from the road. Because the technology is so new, it remains to be seen how legislation will play out in terms of overall bans on the devices.

Whether or not Google Glass will spark new personal injury claims, though, remains to be seen. So far, only a few cases have been brought against individual users of Google Glass. In California, charges were dropped against a woman ticketed for speeding and distracted driving while wearing Google Glass. The court claimed there was not enough evidence to prove that the driver was actively using the device while driving.

At some point in the near future, there will most likely be an influx of claims against users of Google Glass who have caused accidents due to distracted driving. However, whether or not those incidents will result in lawsuits against Google as a company, is still not clear.

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